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CFA Registered Maine Coon Cats and Kittens
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The LapCats Cattery offers Maine Coon Cats and Kittens for sale in Kansas. Our Maine Coons are Health Guaranteed, CFA Registered, and have Award Winning Pedigrees.

LapCat Maine Coon Videos
Maine Coon Cat Shaking Hands

Garvy The Handshaking Maine Coon Cat

LapCats Cattery, Garvy The Hand Shaking Maine Coon Cat, Trained and Owned and Video Tapped By Dennis & Tina in South Dakota. Now Eight Months old, and weighing in at a whopping 15 lbs.

Maine Coon Kitten
New Born Garvy

Maine Coon Cat and Dog Playing

Garvy And His Best Buddy Moose Playing

LapCats Maine Kitten Garvy at 8 months of age and 15 pounds, and his Dog Friend Moose are having fun Playing. They have been best buds since day one. Both are owned and videoed by Dennis and Tina in South Dakota.

Maine Coon & Dog Playing
Bird Watching
Maine Coon Kitten Rosa Parks Playing LapCats Maine Coon Kitten Playing, The Toy Wins! Maine Coon Kitten Playing
Maine Coon Kittens  Nursing Video

Maine Coon Kittens Fighting For A Spot At For Dinner

Six four week old Maine Coon Kittens fighting for a spot at the dinner table.

3 Week Old Maine Coon Kittens Playing

Three Week Old Maine Coon Kittens Playing

Five Maine Coon Kittens three weeks old are starting to get playful. They come to the edge of the box and want out to play when I go in to talk to them. It won't be long before they start letting their selves out of the box.

Maine Coon Cat Fishing

Lizzy The Maine Coon Cat Fishing

This is our DIY Cat Condo. Our Main Coon Loves the condo. She really likes trying to catch the fish as well. Some times she gets a little to over zealous!

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To contact us: Cathy Johannes * Phone: 785-256-6861 * Email Cathy


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